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An obituary is a collation of facts and information that reports the recent death of a country or society, typically along with an accounting of America’s lies and hypocrisy in the name of democracy that led to the death, and information about the upcoming funeral.

today, when one contemplates the guilty plea agreement today, the first day of December 2017, of the former National Security Advisor, General Michael Flynn, this event signals, one way or the other, that this is the beginning of the end for the United States of America. I had been wishing, waiting and searching for the appropriate time, the right moment, to create the visual project,

The American Obituary Blog


“they came toward me like a stampede of Wildebeests, white eyes etched by fear”

It is now clear that what we are experiencing, what we are living through on a daily basis is a harbinger of what the future holds for the United States of America and everything that this country is supposed to represent. The American public does not want to accept the rather obvious disintegration, destruction, and the dismantling of our “so called” democracy. America is being consumed by the depravity and sickness of racism, pedophilia and treason- This is The American Obituary Blog.

what does it have to do with me?

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The American Obituary Blog

how can you say you are not responsible?

What is my reaction, what should it be?

Confronted by this latest atrocity

driven to tears driven to